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Golden Web Inventory system

Golden Inventory system

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Features of inventory control software

Golden Web Inventory System

  1. The simple intuitive interface. You can proceed with the work without reading a Help Manual.
  2. It is a multi-user, multi currency and multi-warehouse inventory control software. System works as with local as with web based databases.
  3. Usage of 50 character alphanumeric product bar codes
  4. Creating and printing labels of the mostly known Bar codes such as : EAN 13, EAN 8, UPC A, UPC E, ITF,CODE 25, CODE 39, CODE 128, CODABAR, MSI, POSTNET.
  5. Supports non-stock and non-depleting product codes.
  6. Several sale prices for each product.
  7. Usage separate product descriptions in invoices and purchase orders.
  8. You can group products in storage location,departments and types.
  9. Calculating real-time on hand quantity, ordered allocated and available stock levels when orders or invoices are entering.
  10. This inventory system allows to conduct payments for obtained products and for ordered products in the purchase orders. It supports    partial payments and payment under several orders or receiving orders. The payments arriving for sold products are similarly ensured.
  11. Calculating real-time balances for each customer and vendor.
  12. Editable templates for invoices and orders
  13. Sending documents via emails from invnetory program.
  14. Printing any inventory report.
  15. The inventory management system is protected with data access control. It can restrict the unauthorized users from having full access to the database by limiting their access to certain management or confidential information.
  16. The inventory software supports using discounts, shipping and two types of taxes in the invoices and orders.
  17. Backup and restore of inventory databases.
  18. The inventory software enables you to import/export information from/to csv (comma-separated-value) ,Excel, XML files and QuickBooks.
  19. Golden Web Inventory System has the Expiration date feature. You can track products with a limited time of keeping.
  20. The inventory control system works with product serial numbers. Golden Web Inventory takes in account inbound  and out bound serial numbers.
  21. The inventory system has powerful security function for multi users using. You can exact to define access rights for each warehouse employee.
  22. This inventory software has the return material authorization (RMA) function that tracks product returns and repair estimates for retail,service and manufacturing companies.
  23. This software allows to track manufacturing operations in work orders.
  24. The Golden Web Inventory System is full compatible with the Golden Inventory System